Upcoming Changes and Events

Although we have made quite a few changes over the past months, we feel that there is still more we can do to help you and your loved ones.

See below for the upcoming events across all our four Midlands homes.

Electronic Care Management System
With Phase 1 of upgrading our IT systems complete, we are now looking to introduce an electronic Care Management System. With this system in place we will be able to instantly access your loved ones Care Plans and Medical Notes and review them quickly and efficiently, allowing us to spend more time caring for your loved ones.

Our computerised and web based care planning system also enables to keep accurate daily records which would allow us to keep track of quality and continuity of care.

Electronic Medication Administration Record - eMAR
We are currently working with a National pharmaceutical company to develop and introduce a medication system which is adapted and tailored to the needs of our residents as individuals.

The eMAR system will ensure that we have in place one of the most robust and safe medication procedures available. The system monitors individual's medication from prescription to administration and beyond, meaning that a team of qualified pharmacists are monitoring every aspect of your medication management and administration.

Perhaps more importantly for our residents the system gives greater control to the individual as the home can now tailor medication rounds to the individuals preference. We no longer have to fit all medication administration into set times but can instead discuss and agree times in keeping with your chosen or usual routine.

The system allows us to internally monitor and audit to ensure that at all times medication is being administered safely and within a timely manner, it can also be monitored by the pharmacist and soon the GP who will automatically be alerted to review dates, prescription issues and any concerns you may have.

This all adds up to a very safe system.