Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I bring furniture and possessions into my room?
    • Yes, we want you to feel at home with us. That can include bringing in your TV and mobile phone or, if you would prefer a landline, you can have one installed.
  2. Is there an emergency call system in each room?
    • Yes, each bedroom has a call bell which continues to ring until we reach you.
  3. Are there set visiting times?
    • Your family, old and young, friends and pets are all welcome to visit at any time, though we do encourage you to avoid mealtimes if possible. Join us for our 11am tea break, when everyone, staff and residents, pause to have a cuppa and a chat with each other.
  4. Can guests stay for meals?
    • Yes. We encourage your guests to stay and eat with you, and if you have a special event, like a birthday or family occasion you would like to celebrate, talk to us about arranging a family meal in one of our private lounges.
  5. Are there choice at meal times?
    • We have quarterly menu planning meetings, and you and your relatives are encouraged to contribute suggestions and ideas. If you have special nutritional needs or requirements our kitchen and care staff will work with you to make sure we meet your needs. All our food is homemade and freshly cooked in our onsite kitchens and at each meal there are always alternative options.
  6. Can I smoke?
    • Our staff are not permitted to smoke, but you can in restricted areas.
  7. How much are the fees?
    • Fees are calculated dependent on whether your placement is residential or nursing, self-funded or local authority funded. Talk to us about your own circumstances and we will provide you with a clear cost to help you make your decision.